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Our mission

We strive to be a     growth facilitator.

Our main objective is to provide effective and quality solutions both to the organizations that trust us and to the people who participate in our processes, assisting in the development of talent within the organizations.

Our history

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Jorge Friedman

More than 70 years  driving growth  In uruguay.

Friedman is a consultancy company specialized in organizational development that provides comprehensive solutions in people recruitment, talent management and organizational culture in order to be a growth facilitator.


Since 1946, Friedman has focused on helping organizations maximize their potential by finding and developing the right talent, creating a strong organizational culture, and offering effective management methods and tools to achieve it.

Our  Strategy

We evolve  to become experts in organizational development.

As a team of experts, we use a set of skills, techniques, methods and tools to attract and identify the best candidates, approaching them quickly, assessing their time, expectations and quality of life.

We create personalized plans to identify and retain key talent, and thus increase the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

Recruiting people is our strong point. We use cutting-edge strategies to identify and attract the most talented candidates aligned with the needs and values of your organization. Our goal is to achieve a perfect synergy, ensuring that each hire is a success that drives growth and mutual success.

Our Pillars



We are constantly evolving and we quickly adapt to changes to offer more advanced solutions.



We understand the needs of clients and candidates, seeking solutions that meet their expectations and situations.



We offer effective solutions, saving time and resources, maintaining a high level of quality and improvement.



We establish solid relationships through our loyalty and respect, generating security and projection in those who choose us.


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+598 94 962 461



+598 94 962 462


 Plaza Independencia 831 Of 307 – Montevideo – Uruguay

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