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Nos enfocamos en ser un facilitador de crecimiento.

We are motivated by our vision.

We work side by side with organizations and professionals to build a solid culture, aligned with their values and objectives.

We are driven by our customers.

We create personalized strategies to identify and retain talent, and thus promote the development  of organizations and their people.

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We define mutual success as a perfect synergy between the organization & the talents.

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We seek & we find the next market leaders to be the ones that lead your company to success.

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We manage the payroll administration of organizations to facilitate and simplify internal processes.

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We diagnose the organizational environment and design transformation plans to bring the current state closer to the vision of the future.

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Each intervention is designed in a Tailor Made way, so that we can, together, create the best solution, made to measure.

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With a database of more than 50,000 talents with multiple profiles, we have an excellent temporary personnel selection service.

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The solution your business needs to scale effectively in a timely manner. Our services provide speed and professional experience. 


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“We take Friedman as a recruiting and selection partner for our work team.”

Mariano Bermingham 
Country Manager



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 Plaza Independencia 831 Of 307 – Montevideo – Uruguay

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